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Zoom h8 vs h6 preamps

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– Zoom h8 vs h6 preamps

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Zoom h8 vs h6 preamps H8 Inputs. How much would you h88 to spend on a preamp to improve on the H6’s noise level? The best sound in the picture Filmmakers know that audio quality is an essential factor when recording videos, especially if you need to record multiple channels simultaneously. Or fastest delivery Thursday, June 9. Video Recorders. Easy ,intuitive and friendly.

– Zoom H8 Track Portable Recorder Review & Demo – Audio Mentor

I’m guessing the H8’s preamps will be similar to the revised ones. We’ll know more when the unit is released. If they are comparable to. Just to put this out there for H6 people- I just tested the XLR inputs vs TRS inputs on the same line level source and the levels were identical. No difference.


Zoom F8n vs Sound Devices MixPre 6 II – Which is the better buy?.Zoom H3 H4n H5 H6 H8 – Zoom – Recorders – Nagrit Srl


Zoom, though, claim that the design actually results from ergonomic practicality. The basic recorder measures x 49 x mm and weighs g without batteries. Regardless of the physical configuration, Zoom have managed to squeeze an awful lot of capability into a very compact, lightweight, and remarkably affordable little recorder.

The core unit has only six physical inputs, plus the mic module — so up to eight sources as supplied. As so many functions are controlled using the touchscreen, there are relatively few physical controls. Around the sides of the base section are an unbalanced 3. This last connection allows the unit to be powered from an external 5V USB supply not included. It also allows connection to a computer for file transfers, or to serve as an audio interface.

The octagonal section carries three input sockets on each side, the middle ones being combi XLRs and the others standard XLRs. Rotary controls adjust the input levels for each input but can be overridden by the software trim controls , and illuminated buttons arm the associated tracks for recording. Phantom power is individually selectable for each XLR input, but globally switched between 24 and 48 Volts.

In my bench tests, the P48 mode comfortably delivered the correct voltage and maximum current required, which was reassuring. The first is the Field app, which is intended for location sound recording.

A memory card icon accesses a menu that selects the recording format in Broadcast WAV at sample rates of There are also options for stereo recording in MP3 at , or kbps. Files are automatically split at the 2GB limit and up to 99 markers can be added when a recording is paused. This is the only app that allows 96kHz recordings. The H8’s Music App screen. Oddly, the effects option is only available at The third and final mode is Podcast.

Recording formats are BWF at The price and facilities suggest that the H8 is intended primarily for podcasters, videographers and musicians who prefer to record using hardware rather than a computer. Where the application suits desktop use, or mounting on a camera tripod ie.

Yes, a headphone splitter or standalone amp could be used, of course, but its more boxes, wires and inconvenience. That would make it practical to hook up a remote podcast contributor via a phone or computer without risk of howlrounds! Overall, the H8 is an impressively capable and versatile recorder, and I enjoyed using it. Files I transferred to my usual DAW all worked exactly as expected, and the sound quality was generally very good indeed. Zoom currently offer six interchangeable microphone modules:.

The capsules are cunningly angled and rotatable, which allows them to be arranged with mutual angles of either 90 or degrees. This module has a rotary gain control to set the recording level, as well as a 3. Pros Capable of recording up to 10 inputs, plus a stereo mix.

Apps preconfigure functionality for field, music or podcast applications. A range of additional input modules. Calibration tone on line output. Bluetooth remote control and metering option. Impressive battery life. Cons Some restricted functionality between different apps. Only a single headphone output. Buy PDF version. Previous article Next article. Active topics Duplicate posts Duplicate posts Duplicate posts Modular reality.

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Zoom h8 vs h6 preamps.Zoom F8n vs Sound Devices MixPre 6 II – Which will you choose?

But for normal music recording, I’ve never had a need to run the preamps above about 5 or 6 on any mic, often a lot lower than that. And in that range, these. ZOOM H6 BLACK. The recorder that does it all. The H6 is the ultimate portable recorder. With its advanced preamps and interchangeable capsules, the H6 delivers. In effect, if you need phantom power on five or six microphones, you might be better off with the Zoom H8 instead. Zoom has announced that.

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