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Zoom H review: Zoom H – CNET – Customer reviews

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Zoom H2 Handy Recorder Review; Zoom H2 Recorder Review; Get Your Best Audio Record With Zoom H4n Recorder; Olympus Recorder: A Review of the Olympus DM Digital Voice Recorder; How To Buy The Best Voice Recorder? MLA Style Citation: Ayala, Erika “Zoom H2 Handy Portable Stereo Recorder Review.”. Jul 10,  · The Zoom H2 is a compact digital recorder with 4 built-in microphones. It runs on 2 AA batteries, and it’s small enough that it actually fits into my pocket comfortably. It’s fast and easy to use – from the time you flick the power switch until you’re recording audio is under 10 seconds. You can plug an external microphone into the unit. Key Features of the Zoom H2n. Records up to bit/96kHz WAV files. 5 built-in mics + 1/8” audio input for an external mic. 4 Recording Modes: XY Stereo (2 mics on the front) MS Mid-Side (1 mic on the back, 2 mics on the sides with adjustable recording width) 2-channel surround (XY+MS converted to 1 stereo track).

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› reviews › zoom-h-review. The Zoom H2 Handy Recorder is well built. The recorded sound is crystal clear. It has a built-in instrument tuner and metronome.


Zoom h2 handy recorder review


Zoom H2 Review. Smaller than the Zoom H4, and better built. Truly palm-sized. At roughly 4. The Zoom H2 button layout is clear and straightforward. When pressed, the buttons are squishy but responsive. You may need reading glasses to operate the Zoom H2. The manual is a page tome, but the 1-page “Zoom H2 Simple Recording Guide” really does tell you all you need to know to get started.

I made my first recording after reviewing it for about a minute or 2. Navigation is performed via a menu button and a red record button. With its 4 built-in mics, you can control the direction and angle from which sound is picked up by the H2. Very good. The H2 lasted more than 6 hours during our battery life test. Unfortunately, accessing any of the aforementioned features requires you to fuss with the teensy onscreen menu, which can be difficult to read in direct sunlight.

The Zoom H2’s biggest claim to fame is the inclusion of four built-in microphone capsules instead of the stereo pair found in most recorders.

The integration of four microphones allows the H2 to pull off some neat recording tricks, such as the capability to selectively record from the front or rear of the recorder, to record a stereo mix using all four mics, or to record a four-channel mix using all the mics recorded as two separate stereo WAV files.

The four-channel recording option, which is unique to the H2, is useful for capturing surround sound recordings or making live recordings that allow for some mixing flexibility in post-production. A handful of H2 owners have even created their own Mac and PC software for converting the H2’s four-channel recordings into 5. Zoom does not include any computer recording software with the H2, but a free program such as Audacity will do the trick. Zoom may skimp when it comes to recording software, but a surprising amount of accessories come bundled with the H2, including a microphone windscreen, a tabletop stand, a microphone mount, earbuds, an RCA line-input cable, an AC adapter, and a MB SD card.

Unfortunately, whether it’s the fault of the Zoom H2’s microphone quality or its built-in preamp, most of the recordings we made at various settings couldn’t hold up to the detail and stereo imaging we got from the competition. The automatic gain control feature, which made recording on the Edirol R dead-simple, required some unintuitive finessing to achieve a clean recording on the H2.

Our biggest pet peeve with the Zoom H2, however, is the 27 seconds it takes to start up. Maybe our short attention spans have got the better of us, but when it comes to quickly capturing an interview or a performance, 27 seconds can really kill the spontaneity. Powered by a pair of AA batteries, Zoom rates the H2 at four hours of continuous operation.

Like most portable audio recorders, however, expect that the H2’s battery performance will vary depending on the recording resolution you’ve selected. If you’re looking for a durable mobile recorder with knock-out sound quality, however, you’ll need to spend some extra money on the competition. Tech Mobile. Donald Bell.


Zoom H review: Zoom H – CNET.Zoom H2 Recorder Review

› reviews › zoom-h-review. The Zoom H2 Handy Recorder is well built. The recorded sound is crystal clear. It has a built-in instrument tuner and metronome.

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