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Add Polls for more interactivity Create multiple choice polls and word clouds directly from the Pigeonhole Live app for Zoom. Step 4: Create a title for the survey and the questions you want to ask. Using live automatic captions Assigning a participant to closed caption meetings Multi-Pin and Spotlight Features: Hosts can allow participants to pin multiple attendees within a meeting at once. Select the Meetings tab from the menu. The white surface enables you to write down, draw, and draft ideas with other meeting participants and save these for later.

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Every Zoom user has a personal meeting ID that can be used to schedule and join meetings. When setting up a meeting in Zoom, it is recommended to never schedule meetings using your personal meeting ID. Creating meetings with different ID numbers will prevent unwanted attendees from joining your Zoom meetings.

When you set up your meetings, choose the option for Zoom to generate a meeting ID automatically. When scheduling a Zoom meeting, you will have an option to password protect your Zoom meeting. This will require participants to enter a password to join your meeting.

If you enable the waiting room feature when scheduling a meeting, participants will not be able to join your meeting until you admit them to the meeting as the meeting host. This option is available in the meeting option section when scheduling a Zoom meeting. You may mute participants upon their entry to your Zoom meeting.

Participants will be able to enable their microphone after joining the call. You can mute specific participants, or all participants throughout your meeting. You may keep participant’s webcam videos turned off upon entry to your Zoom meeting.

Participants will be able to turn on their webcam after joining the call. You can stop video for specific participants throughout your meeting. Go to the settings section and make sure that the file transfers option is turned off.

As a meeting host, you may remove participants from a meeting. Make sure that removed participants are not allowed to rejoin. You can control who can share their screen in a meeting. Choose who can share their screen or if multiple participants can share their screen at the same time. To prevent attendees from annotating a shared whiteboard during a meeting, click on “More” when sharing a whiteboard, followed by “disable attendee annotation. Recording of all Columbia College Chicago courses is governed by Illinois law.

The State of Illinois requires the consent of both parties for the recording of any conversation. Step 4: Create a title for the survey and the questions you want to ask. Step 5 : Specify whether you want the survey and participant information to remain anonymous. Step 6: Determine whether the Zoom survey should be single-choice or multiple-choice. This allows participants to choose only one or multiple answers. Zoom automatically opens your default browser for this. What is the Zoom survey feature?

What are the requirements for a Zoom survey? Before you use the survey function, certain requirements must be met: You must be licensed as a host and user. You must have at least one of the following Zoom desktop app versions : 3. It must be a scheduled meeting or an instant meeting with personal meeting ID.

You must use the desktop app. LogMeIn relaunches as GoTo! Discover your all-new GoTo. LastPass has an exciting year coming up! Learn what’s ahead. We are currently experiencing an unplanned outage for this product. When participants join a meeting that is currently being recorded or livestreamed, they will be notified, and their audio and video will automatically be turned off.

This will allow them to fully opt into being recorded or not, without their face or voice accidentally being recorded if they do not consent to it. Finally, hosts now have the ability to have Zoom prompt participants to take a survey after they leave a Zoom meeting, including through third-party survey tools such as Canvas surveys or SurveyMonkey. After students leave a Zoom meeting, the survey will automatically load in their browser. This is a great opportunity to ask students about their experience in your Zoom class and use their feedback to continuously improve as an online instructor.

Then, after scheduling a Zoom meeting, the Survey feature will be available at the bottom of the meeting confirmation page. To learn more about how to use these features, you can visit our in-person Educational Technology Labs, our Virtual EdTech Drop-in Lab, or book a consultation with an Educational Technology Specialist. Information and links to these services are available at catbooking.

Home Guides Virtual Classroom. Polling question types Polling can be used as an active learning tool within Zoom for student engagement. Question type Example question Multiple Answer multiple correct answers Which of the following educational theories are you familiar with? True False Video guide. Creating a poll Launching a poll Sharing poll results Re-launching a poll Multiple question sets View polling results report Reusing a poll.

Click on the Sign in button. Enter your UQ username and password. Select the Meetings tab from the menu. Click on the title of the required meeting. Click on the Add button to create a new poll. Enter a title for the question set in the title textbox. Optionally, check the Anonymous checkbox if you want anonymised student responses.


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