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Upgrading laptop screen from FHD to 3K/4K – MSI Laptop – iFixit – {dialog-heading}

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Feb 22,  · Yes, I did upgrade my panel to FHD Hz. I replaced the original panel with this one: NHHE-GA1 REV.C1. I tried to connect the new panel directly to the cable that was originally on my laptop just in case I didn’t have to disassemble the entire case. The backlight worked but colour was not displayed. Nov 14,  · Change Resolution. 1. Right click on your Desktop. 2. Click Screen Resolution. 3. Select the resolution you want. 4. Click apply. 5. Click Keep to use the new resolution, or click Revert to go back to the previous resolution. Aug 29,  · Mar 23, #2. One thing you can do is go to a site like or similar, and look up your model and see what they have- if a screen was made for that model with higher res, they.

Making Full Use of the “External” LCD with Laptop Computers | EIZO – Question Info


However, people tend to use just the laptop in their daily routine and there are probably not so many cases where they use the external display output. A laptop can be put to more effective use if it is connected to an external LCD.

This time we would like to suggest a style that can be used in both the home and the office, where a laptop and stand-alone LCD remain connected. Not only does it make the laptop environment more pleasant and convenient, it also expands the potential of the computer itself, for example by making it possible to use it for new purposes.

Even if the LCD is already connected to a desktop computer and being used for something other than the laptop, most monitors nowadays have two or more video inputs and they tend not to use this capability to the full. It is such a waste to let the laptop’s external display output function and the monitor’s video input function remain dormant, so we would like them to be put to effective use. Of course, we would also recommend the introduction of a new LCD to connect to your laptop.

The biggest merit of connecting a laptop with a stand-alone LCD is that it gives you a large screen and high resolution dual display environment. This level of resolution is good enough for basic Windows operations, but it goes without saying that a large, high-resolution computer screen is much more user-friendly.

Combining a laptop with one of the latest wide-screen monitors enables you to easily construct a large-screen, high-resolution dual display environment. It is a real boon to dramatically boost the screen size and resolution while continuing to use your familiar laptop. In particular, the increased vertical resolution makes applications such as web browsers and document display and editing far easier to use. For example, you can do things like check things with the web browser, refer to pdf files, organize data using word processing or presentation software, and create spread sheets and documents without having to change windows.

Another plus is that you can create the luxury of a “watching while” environment where you run the web browser, for instance, on the laptop’s built-in LCD and watch the video content on the large screen of the external monitor. This can be really useful for hobbies too.

For example, while playing a game on the large external LCD screen you can check out strategies on websites, post information on a BBS or communicate with other users. You can smoothly use multiple applications at the same time in the large workspace provided by a dual display. The photograph shows an EIZO With two screens it’s easy to have full-screen display of the video content on one screen while you operate the computer on the other.

At the office, it is very helpful for presentations to use “clone view” for the laptop’s built-in LCD and the external LCD screen. Clone view means showing exactly the same content on two display screens. It is normally set by a graphics driver function. Clone view displaying the same content on two screens is very effective when used in presentations.

When holding small meetings it is certainly very convenient to be able to offer simple explanations of the presentation materials displayed on the external LCD, rather than having to ready a projector. Being able to explain about what is displayed on the screen means fewer documents to distribute, helping your office to “go paperless”, which can only be a good thing. We would like to point out here that you should check in advance the maximum resolution that the laptop’s external display output can handle.

This can be found in documents such as the laptop’s specifications chart and support information. In such cases, it is better to use a monitor that offers dot-by-dot display, which displays the input resolution as it is, or enlarged display, which maintains the screen’s aspect ratio as it is. You do not need to worry because EIZO wide-screen LCDs can handle such display methods although in some cases they do not function properly depending on the laptop computer or input resolution.

Since dot-by-dot display outputs the physical “1 dot” of the LCD and the input resolution “1 dot” without enlargement or reduction, it is shown small in the center of the screen photo on the left. The display is a little blurred if it is enlarged while maintaining the aspect ratio, but this method is suitable for displaying images as they are shown large with low resolution to make the most of the screen size photo on the right.

Many monitors that cannot handle such display methods enlarge the display to full screen regardless of the input resolution. In such cases you have to be careful as the aspect ratio of the image is altered for example, people appear to be thinner or fatter.

It is easy to set up a dual display in Windows 7. A menu is displayed when you right-click on the desktop. From “Screen resolution” it is possible to detect and align the external LCD, and set details such as resolution, display method and which will be the main display screen. The “Screen resolution” menu. If the external LCD is not automatically recognized, click on “Detect”. After the monitor has been recognized, you can select the display mode from the “Multiple displays” drop-down menu.

Select “Extend display screen” to make the laptop screen and the external LCD into a single display screen dual display. Change the size of your desktop icons. Change the size of text in Windows.

Next, in Change the size of text, apps, and other items , select an option. Find Display resolution , and then choose an option. Windows 11 Windows 10 More Change the size of what’s on the screen Stay in, or open, Display settings. Change the screen resolution Stay in, or open, Display settings. Open your Display settings In the Display resolution row, select the list and choose an option. Open your Display settings Scroll to Scale and layout.

Need more help? Join the discussion. Was this information helpful? Yes No. The replacement panel in your link appears to have the same specs as the original panel, it looks like a suitable replacement but it doesn’t look like an upgrade. And, of course, if you install a screen with higher resolution then you’ll get more image quality but less performance in gaming, the GPU has limits on how many pixels it can render each second.

You may also have to reinstall or reconfigure GPU drivers, I don’t think that should be much of an issue it should just autodetect and automagically configure itself for you Some are a very great deal more robust, sophisticated and well supported in logic and argument than others.

This is old but how do find all the technical specs for a laptop? I can’t seem to find the documentation online


Changing laptop screen for higher resolution | Tom’s Guide Forum.How to get x resolution on x screen windows 10


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JavaScript is disabled. For a better experience, please enable JavaScript in your browser before proceeding. Previous Next Sort by votes. Dec 17, 0 4, 1. So I broke my laptop screen last week and I’ve been wondering if I can приведенная ссылка my laptop display with higher resolution Current resolution is X Wanna upgrade to p display. I hope it is possible :. Feb 25, 1, 3, You shop in ebay or where usually? There is tons of models to choose from. I would myself just order the monitor first and test it with this cable.

Looks like it works more than likely. ArchitSahu Splendid. Apr 11, 3, 35 23, Generally, you can upgrade laptop screens if they are: a of the exact same dimensions b have the exact same connectors and pinout c can be supported by your GPU. Some laptop models cannot be upgraded due to form factor so keep that in mind. ArchitSahu said:.

Depends on the cable cable from motherboard to your LCDcan i upgrade my laptop screen to a higher resolution there part number for it? There is FHD x panels with same connector type адрес this all depends on the cable if it will work. You need 2 lane EDP cable for p lcd screen to work, there is alot of models to choose from with same connector this is the only приведенная ссылка. Could you take pic of the cable where it says this info?

Last edited: Apr 1, Most likely you dont need new cable, post here if you get problems with the new screen. Thing is these lenovo laptops most likely have bios rewrite protection so i hope it dont go for that. Just check that connector is in the same can i upgrade my laptop screen to a higher resolution in your new panel and its “30 pin video connector ” and look the picture too, there is glossy and matte options, also some sell TN panels might be also hz panels but these are expensive.

Bios whitelist problems usually come only if particular model did not ship with p panel at all, your model has been sold with приведенная ссылка resolution panels so this should not be an issue. You must log in or register to reply here. Laptop General Discussion 3 Apr 28, upgrade scanner for laptops? Laptop General Discussion 2 Feb 19, S laptop repair or здесь No option to buy a laptop. Upgradeable laptop Question I’m looking for a cheap, upgradable second-hand laptop with optical drive and USB-C charging?

Question Old laptop CPU upgrade upgrading ram for laptop. Post thread. Question Desktop PC turns can i upgrade my laptop screen to a higher resolution in one building, but not another Started by lewisha 52 minutes ago Replies: Question Adaptive Boost Technology? Started by punkncat Today at PM Replies: 6. Question Cpu overheating after changing the GPU.

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All rights reserved. England and Wales company registration number Question Laptop refuses to boot 9 months after upgrading the RAM. Laptop General Discussion. May 5, Laptop help please! Apr 28, Apr 24, Apr 11, Mobo Dying on HP15 – Transfer upgrades to a better laptop?

Mar 30, Upgradeable laptop. Mar 16, Question I’m looking for a cheap, upgradable second-hand laptop with optical drive and USB-C charging? Feb 19, Jan 10, Question Old laptop CPU upgrade. Dec 17, Dec 13,


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