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If you decide to use a public WiFi hotel, restaurant, gym, etc. Even if you can see and hear the other participants okay, they may have a problem hearing and seeing you. Zoom works great on a mobile phone if your signal is strong. Try connecting using the same link on your iPhone or Android. Need to use your workstation? If your phone plan offers a mobile hotspot, try connecting to your PC to your mobile hotspot. It actually works if your carrier has a strong enough signal.

Final option — phone it in on a landline for audio only. The main Zoom number for calling in to meetings is , and most of Duke meetings will allow use of this number. Once connected, just enter the meeting number. Note: Only use this as a last resort. Duke recommends using this only when all else fails. Cyber-criminals continue to find creative ways to get your data. Here are ten tips to protect your data and devices while you travel:.

Yeah, they can be fun tools, but downloading unknown apps can be a deceptive way for hackers to know your itinerary and get your data. That includes laptops, tablets and phones. Most hotel and airport Wi-Fi networks will require some sort of password or acknowledgement before you can use them. Cyber-criminals can set up an evil twin Wi-Fi with the same name in unexpected places. Here are two advanced tips to get you to the next level of cybersecurity.

Most applications and websites now have the option of using two forms of authentication. Using a personal VPN provides an encrypted connection between your device and your destination website.

This is a critical component of travel cybersecurity, particularly when using hotel, airport or other public Wi-Fi networks. Select one that works on all of your devices. Need a suggestion? I use it as a personal VPN on my laptop, tablet and phone. July 14, Tech Tip of the Week Planning to join a Zoom meeting while sitting by the pool at your favorite hotel in Maui?

Try one of these options: Zoom works great on a mobile phone if your signal is strong.


Can you use zoom without wifi. Limit how much mobile data Google Duo uses

If your iPad is a personal device, you can choose your own carrier as you wish. Can I just ask a quick question please? App Privacy.


How to join a Zoom meeting for the first time | Climate Action – How much upload speed do you need for Zoom?


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Connect an ethernet cable into your computer and turn off WiFi. Instructors should always use a wired Ethernet connection when holding virtual classes via Zoom. When using your phone hotspot, join Zoom meetings without video – use audio-only. Students can turn off their video too to reduce bandwidth. Zoom works with Internet as well so you need Wi-Fi and Internet to do Zoom. Zoom can also work on any device chrome book, iMac’s, MacBooks,iPads, iPhones.

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